Alcoholism Problems


How do you identify the fact that you have alcoholism problems?

When is it clear that you are engaging in alcoholic drinking behavior?

The major point of emphasis is that if you have made an effort to stop drinking and cannot accomplish this, then your drinking is controlling you, instead of the other way around.

The Rationalization For Your Excessive Drinking

You may be telling yourself that you drink excessively so that you can lower your stress or get rid of the sorrow that you feel.

In much the same way, you may be trying to steer clear of an unsafe situation and may be looking for something that elicits less pain and discomfort.


As you maintain your hazardous drinking, nevertheless, you should realize that drinking does not bring forth the same "high" and in your hearth of hearts, you know that drinking doesn't help eliminate whatever was causing your distress or pain in the first place.

Along the way, sadly, you have become alcohol dependent and, as a result, you have added another monumental problem to your life in stead of discovering more successful and healthy ways of coping with your alcohol-related problems.

The Need for an Alcohol Evaluation

If you have determined that you have alcoholism problems, perchance the most practical thing you can do for yourself is to call your physician or healthcare practitioner and arrange for an appointment for a physical and for an assessment of your drinking situation.

If you sincerely believe that you have a crucial problem with your drinking, it might be a good idea to get prepared to find out that you need to get immediate alcoholism treatment.

At this point in your life, what are your options?

You can definitely refuse to see your general practitioner and persist with your pattern of irresponsible drinking.

It actually doesn't take a genius, then again, to realize that continuous, heavy drinking, if left untreated, will go downhill over time and more likely than not set in motion a sorts of health issues and possibly an early death.

For that reason, your most positive option is to address your problem drinking and get the alcoholism rehab that you need.

The Facade of the Functioning Alcohol Addicted Individual

It is almost counter intuitive to note the fact that several alcohol dependent individuals lead busy and active lives and have jobs, vehicles, pets, families, houses, and any number of physical possessions just like individuals who are not addicted to alcohol.

Many of these "functional" alcohol dependent people may have never been cited for a DUI and may have been lucky enough to avoid all alcohol induced legal issues.

Despite this good fortune, however, these alcohol dependent people need to drink in order to function on a daily basis while maintaining their facade as they interact with the outside world.

Ask anyone who has seen them when they are in a drunken stupor or binge drinking or ask a family member about the problem drinker's alcohol addiction, on the other hand, and they will be quick to maintain the reality of the drinker's situation, the particulars about the alcohol addicted individual's drinking circumstances, and the facts concerning his or her alcohol-related problems.

Why Do Alcoholics Fail to See Their Alcoholism Problems?

As the substance abuse and alcoholism research literature have underscored, no matter how clear the alcohol-related difficulties seem to those who interact with the alcohol dependent individual, alcohol addicted persons regularly deny that drinking is the basis of their alcohol-related problems.

Not only this, but alcohol addicted people characteristically blame their alcohol induced issues on other individuals or upon other circumstances around them instead of seeing their part in the problem.

It's a difficult pill to swallow, but the root of the issue is that alcohol addiction is a disease of the brain.

Once the individual has become an alcoholic, he or she often resorts to denial, manipulation, and deceit as a way of dealing with the fact that his or her drinking is out of control.

And to make matters more problematic, the experience of alcohol withdrawal symptoms commonly circumvents the alcoholic's rare attempts to refrain from drinking.

As gloomy as the alcohol addicted person's life is, nevertheless, the positive news is that competent, professional help is widely available.

That is if the alcohol addicted individual reaches out and seeks alcoholism rehabilitation.

Conclusion: Alcoholism Problems

Conceding the fact that excessive drinking is producing problems in your every day functioning is conceivably the most trouble-free way to find out if you have alcoholism problems.

Stated another way, if your drinking is eliciting difficulties with your health, at work, in your relationships, with your finances, at school, or with the law, then you have a drinking problem that needs to be resolved.

And bear in mind that if you have alcoholism problems, what is more, this means that you are involving yourself in excessive and alcoholic drinking behavior.

While some individuals may be able to come to grips with their drinking problems and significantly reduce the amount and incidence of their drinking, other individuals, then again, need to address their drinking problems by getting quality alcoholism counseling.


Additionally, due to their inclination to deny the facts and alter the truth, alcohol addicted individuals certainly need the best available alcohol rehabilitation for their hazardous drinking.

Here's the bottom line reality. If you have alcoholism problems, it is unquestionably in your best interests to get the absolute best alcoholism treatment you can so that your abusive and irresponsible drinking don't ruin your life and devastate the your family members as well as your closest friends.